Sunday, March 20, 2011

Extract Project PeopleCode and SQL

Sounds Interesting -- Decode PeopleCode from bytecode to text files. Also extract PeopleCode and SQL definitions from PeopleTools projects.

Credits to the original uploader

I have uploaded a modified version of the Zip file for people who use MS SQL Server as their DB Server. For other databases please refer to "ReadMe.txt" in the zip file.

Follow the following steps to extract PeopleCode and SQL definitions

1. Download the attached Zip File

2. Open and modify it as shown. You'll have to change the following:
  • user
  • password
  • url
  • DatabaseName
Since, I've MSSQL Server and no Sub Version, I've commented rest of the lines.

3. Ensure that you have sqljdbc.jar in your directory. I've included the sqljdbc.jar in the Zip file.

4. Navigate to the directory via Command Prompt where you have unzipped the earlier zip file.

5. Once done check the output directory in the path provided earlier

6. The files would be created under the output folder in the directory of extraction

Caveat - Does not extract Application Package PeopleCode as yet!!


Sam said...

The images are small and the details are not visible.
Please include a sample output file snippet to better explain what this tool can do for you.

Anonymous said...

Decoding Application Package PeopleCode should work, but project items of this type were often skipped in early versions of decodepcode due to intracies with their composite key. Try again with a recent version.

Anonymous said...

Arguably the most interesting feature of this program is that it allows you to set up automated version control with an hour or two of work - just install Subversion, create a repository, and set up a nightly run of this program. Your colleagues won't have to learn new tricks, but you can track what PeopleCode has changed in your system.

Anonymous said...

hi all
I have a problem when running decodePcode.bat, the error shows "Error: Could not find or load main class decodepcode.Controller" I can help with this? I'm desperate !!


Ciphersbak said...


Kindly make use of the latest batch file made available by the original creator.
Once done, just follow the changes as suggested in the blog and it should work.