Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Integration Broker 8.50 - UserName not defined in the database

While trying to integrate 8.49.xx and 8.50.01 - 07, I came across an unusual error "UserName not defined in the database" which I had never seen earlier. At that point I thought it was something to do with the PSFT Authentication, but did not see this in either 8.48.xx or 8.49.xx. This only came to light, since I was integrating a Tools only DB (8.50.01) and FSCM 9.0/8.49.27.
Though the passwords and UserIDs for the four nodes were same, I still got this error. The reason for this anomaly was, that the UserID I was using to log in to the FSCM DB was VP1 and since, VP1 was not present in the tools only DB, the ping failed. The ping worked when I logged in with PSADMIN on the FSCM side, as this UserID existed in the Target DB.

This error is the result of the signed on UserID not being a valid UserID on the target database. The Authentication token passed includes the signon UserId and after decryption it is validated on the target database.

This is different than what happened on PeopleTools Release 8.48 and 8.49 where the UserID is not validated after the Authentication Token is decrypted.

Oracle claims to have fixed this in the latest tools patch 8.50.08. But even though, it has been fixed, It does rattle your basics around how a PING functions, and hence, Oracle has recently come out with a Support Case, which talks in detail about how a PING would/should work in Tools 8.50.08 onwards.


Nishant said...

I got the same error since i had to integrate Campus and HR (we have split databases , CS is 9.0 and HR is 9.1) and creating the user on the target database did the trick. Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

i also got the same error . if u ll be getting this error"username not defined in database" while configuring IB. GO to integration setup/then nodes. search for anonymous in exsisting value and change the user id there .