Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Retrieve AccessID & AccessPWD for a PeopleSoft Environment

Most of us follow the waterfall model of SDLC within the organizations we work. Various teams are involved at various stages of the model. Each Team has their set of environments where they are the superusers. If we extend this to PeopleSoft, post Unit Testing, developers are not needed/required to have write access in the rest of the environments of SDLC. But what if, you could actually retrieve the ACCESS ID & ACCESS PWD (RDBMS ID which has access to the PeopleSoft schema) without the PSAdmins/DBA being aware. What is needed is explained below.

1. Create a command/batch file with this line - "@echo %1"
Place this file under %PS_HOME%\bin\server\WINX86

2. Create a new Process Type in PeopleSoft. Let's call it - "COMMANDLINE"

3. Create a Process "RETPWD" which will have the Process Type as "COMMANDLINE". I'm using Microsoft as the Database type as the PS DB is hosted on MSSQL 2005 SP2

4. Add this Process Type to your Server definition. Say PSNT
5. Bounce the batch server
6. Run the process.
7. The process may fail, do not panic, check the log if it has been posted to report repository or you could navigate to the prcs log directory for your batch server and locate the log. It should show you something like - "DBNAME/Access ID/Access PWD"


Anonymous said...

images too small to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

The images of PeopleSoft process definition are too small to follow well.

Ciphersbak said...

The images have been adjusted!!

Unknown said...

Hi PP,

You can do this in an existing SQR process as well. Since you wouldn't be creating a new process type, there will be no need to bounce the server as well.


Ciphersbak said...

@SK, thank you for your inputs. Yes, it can also be done via an SQR